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Behind the scene of staged collisions

Every year, fraud takes an estimated $1.3-1.6B bite out of the Canadian Insurance industry. While most fraudulent claims are “opportunistic” - where individuals inflate claim values – and where staged collisions can cause serious injury to innocent people.

The top ten asks from Broker Connect

Have you used Broker Connect yet? Our new sales, service and support team tell us the top ten services they’ve been assisting brokers with so far – and it’s just a taste of things to come.

Making sure we "Think Broker"

Our brokers play a vital role in our everyday claims processes. Our new ‘Think Broker’ claims course will help our own teams understand the importance of a seamless working partnership.

Focusing on fleet safety

As we continue to hear rising statistics on fatal accidents caused by distracted drivers, it is imperative for fleet operators to take steps towards mitigating these risks with their drivers.