Broker News

Winter Driving Tips

With winter just around the corner, its important drivers stay safe on the roads – and RSA has the tips to help them do so.

Why Uber is a no go

Transportation Network Companies are trending, but carrying passengers for compensation does not fall within our definition of a Personal Use Private Passenger Vehicle.

Adding to auto? Get Quick Quote

Racing against the clock to get that auto addition quoted for an existing policyholder? Our Quick Quote WebBusiness tool gives you access to the facts, figures and fundamentals to get the job done.

Faster repair times get the green light

RSA’s Guaranteed Repair (RGR) service delivers a host of benefits for both brokers and clients – discover how our customer service, speed and efficiency can help keep your customers moving.

Get the WebBusiness boost

In early November, we’re pleased to be introducing enhancements to our online personal insurance transactional tool, WebBusiness.