An Ode to Brokers

We are committed to brokers: Let’s show you why.

At RSA, we are unwavering in our support of the broker channel. But rather than tell you about how committed we are to you, we are going a step further:

We are cutting out the clichés and focusing on what really matters to you.

We’ve told you your feedback drives our business growth. And we truly mean that, because…

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…are just a few of the ways we have turned your input into action.

Our commitment to our broker partners means that we haven’t just heard you, we took it a step further by turning your feedback into action.

Because, let’s face it: action always speaks louder than words.

Your feedback continues to shape our pricing sophistication. Of course, we also took broader economic and social trends into consideration during the process, but your input has been key to ensuring we deliver on our promise to keep your clients protected today and tomorrow.

From e-bikes, short term rentals and climate change risks, your input informed the 45+ changes we recently made to our property policies at no additional cost to your clients. These changes improved special limits, clarified coverages and expanded definitions to provide protection that reflects today’s insurance needs.

Read more about these changes here.

Hear from brokers like you

Photo of Michele Sulivan
Our parents are always an area of concern, and knowing that RSA now includes any of their items up to $10,000 when they move into a nursing home was a welcome change for our clients. It’s nice when something like that is automatically included on their policy and all we have to do is note on the file where the parent is now residing!
Michele Sulivan, Senior Insurance Advisor, Affiliated Insurance Management Inc.

Don’t you love that feeling when you respond immediately to a question? We do! That’s why our workflows have been adjusted – to give you with more time to focus on your clients.

Making your work more efficient is what drove the enhancements we’ve made to our BRAVO portal in February 2017.

In fact, you helped inspire the nearly 100 changes, large and small, we made to the way we do Personal Insurance in 2016.

Photo of Cole Halliday
RSA works very well with us to try and solve issues together, or come up with ideas to provide better service to the clients that we’re serving. RSA does a really good job of attempting to understand what brokers are going through.
Cole Halliday, Personal Insurance Team Manager, Megson FitzPatrick Insurance Services

It’s the era of the custom fit – and not just when it comes to fashion. Your customers’ unique needs, and the changing landscape, mean that we have dedicated ourselves to providing the right coverage at the right price for more customers.

Our new property pricing incorporates segmentation that better reflects current demographic and economic trends. What that means for your customers is that their coverage reflects their unique risks, whether they’re just starting out with their first condo, or looking for their dream home.

Photo of James Mizzi
One concern we have is being able to offer a product that’s well-rounded. We’re always looking for a company that’s prepared to make changes as needed—and to get ahead of the curve when it comes to new products.
James Mizzi, Vice President, ViewPoint Insurance

Your success drives ours – plain and simple. So every time we find limitations to our educational offering to you, we find a way to make it better for you. That’s how we arrived at Wise Up™, our industry-leading online continuing education portal.

More than 2,000 brokers across the country are already using Wise Up™ to complete their continuing education requirements.

Wise Up™ offers the most robust continuing education platform in the industry, with over 30 online courses available already and more to come. To learn more about Wise Up™ click here.

View the complete journey of our educational milestones by clicking here.

Photo of Sheri Douglas
Brokers are looking for executive education to grow their career and Making Partner gave me just what I needed to become VP.
Sheri Douglas, Making Partner 2017 graduate