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From coast to coast, damage caused by climate-related events is on the rise. Given the reality of global climate change, all signs are pointing toward this becoming an increasingly prevalent issue for home and small business owners in Canada.

Are your clients equipped with the knowledge to prevent future climate-related damage, and what action to take if damage occurs? Do they know what their policy does and doesn't cover?

The information, insights and tools available here have been designed to help you inform, educate and support your clients to help them become Climate Smart.

Did you know?

  • $3.2 Billion

    In 2013, severe weather events cost the Canadian insurance industry $3.2 billion in insured losses—the highest in Canadian history.

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    Canadian affluence is on the rise. Never before have we seen more Canadian homes with finished basements, complete with big-ticket items and high-end furnishings, leading to ever higher replacement costs.

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    Water damage, coupled with a shortage of contractor availability, is leading to major lifestyle disruptions and higher costs for Canadian consumers.

Climate smart insights The latest news and insights that will help you and your clients become Climate Smart

The Perfect Storm

RSA’s latest roundtable discusses water CATs and the impact they have on our environment. The weather now is as unpredictable as ever – so what is the new normal?

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Earthquake: Risk Realities

A new scientific study on the impacts of a major earthquake leaves no doubt that Canadians and the country as a whole are not prepared to handle a major earthquake.

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Telling the Weather Story

Sound research into severe weather trends is critical, IBC commissioned Dr. Gordon McBean – one of Canada’s foremost climatologists – to research climate trends in Canada.

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Water Damage: Identify & Prevent Risk

These tools have been designed to help you inform, educate and support your clients to help them become Climate Smart.

Discussion Guide

Including talking points, useful facts and questions to ask your clients.

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The need to be Climate Smart. Share this insightful infographic directly with your clients.

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Loss prevention checklist

Share this useful checklist directly with your clients.

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Water Damage

Extreme weather and aging plumbing contribute to an increasing risk of water damage. Share our helpful tips designed for home and small business owners.

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Extreme thaw

After severe blizzards, ice storms, and other extreme weather, freeze and thaw conditions should not be forgotten. Share our tips for home and small business owners.

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external resources

IBC Home Inventory

Give your clients this Home Inventory kit from the Insurance Bureau of Canada to help them calculate the coverage they need. Keeping a checklist is also useful in the event they need to make a claim.

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IBC video: the wingham rain barrel project

Rain barrels can have a big impact on dealing with excess water, especially when a whole community comes together to use them.

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IBC video: monitoring and replacing your washing machine hose

The washing machine hose connects your water supply to the machine itself. Washing machines aren’t immune to water leakage.

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IBC video: sewer backwater valve – the last line of defense

The best way to minimize the potential for sewer backup in your basement is to install a sewer backwater valve.

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Waterproofing your clients' property is simple

waterproof logo

RSA’s Waterproof Coverage™ is the industry’s simplest, most flexible option to better protect your clients from water damages.

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Please note: Waterproof Coverage™ is not available in Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories.

Earthquake Preparedness

An earthquake can be a scary experience. If you know what to expect during an earthquake, you will be less afraid, making it easier to keep yourself and your family safe.


Including talking points, useful facts and questions to ask your clients.

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Share this useful guide with your clients. It details what is earthquake insurance, what to do before, during and after an earthquake as well as suggesting home emergency suppliers, evacuation and vehicle pack checklists.

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Working out a wildfire plan: Protecting your clients’ families and property

Climate change has increased instances of wildfire across Canada. Now there are more than 8,000 wildfires a year, affecting areas in almost every province and territory.


Take a look through our advice, designed to help your clients put a plan in place to improve the safety and security of their homes and families in areas under threat of wildfire.

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Wildfire affects every aspect of life. Here you can find guidance to share with your commercial clients, helping them plan ahead and prepare their businesses for the effects of wildfire.

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The wildfire season can be an incredibly testing and traumatic time. By taking some simple precautions ahead of the event, your clients can help to protect their families and their businesses.

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external resources


The Government of Canada provides us all with useful wildfire facts and guidance, as well as links to safety advice and information tailored specifically for each of the provinces.

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Canadian Wildland Fire Information System

Mapping out wildfire for easily digested detail, the Canadian Wildland Fire Information System offers your clients accessible facts and figures for affected areas each day.

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