Green Endorsements


As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, RSA has developed a unique endorsement for home insurance policy forms, where policyholders can opt to replace damaged property with environmentally friendly, non- toxic, and energy-efficient alternatives – even if they cost more to replace.

Paint, sealants, flooring, appliances, light fixtures, bulbs, faucets, fixtures and even toilets that are damaged as a result of an insured loss can be upgraded to environmentally-responsible alternatives. With generous increased limits of up to $10,000 limits, this low-cost endorsement can go a long way to assisting the policyholder in rebuilding a much greener home. Central heating systems, insulation, and windows damaged in an insured loss may also be replaced with enviro- friendly alternatives as increased settlement limits for these items is also available (up to $5,000). The endorsement is available on most homeowners’ policy forms for as little as $10 per year. The endorsement can be added to your quote in most 3rd party quoting tools, or you can add the endorsement to an existing policy using RSA’s WebBusiness system.


Industrial realty and manufacturing policies may qualify for a unique and valuable endorsement which provides coverage to the insured company allowing it to rebuild or replace damaged property with products, designs, or processes that encourage sustainability principles and reduce overall environmental impact.

To learn more about this endorsement, or to obtain a quote, please contact your regional Commercial Insurance underwriting team.

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