Risk Control for Large Businesses

Risk management is essential for large businesses to protect the company’s staff, assets and brand reputation.

Collectively at RSA, we want to inspire a culture of safety while supporting your clients manage and mitigate risk. At the heart of claims management is a need to understand losses and learn from them, which in turn should help prevent them from happening.

Risk control guidance

Access the detailed and specific risk control guidance we have developed based on lessons learnt from large losses.

  • Hot-work (HW) guidelines: Our comprehensive review of common hot-work claims resulted in the development of new guidelines to help customers control hot work (e.g. welding and cutting). You can download these guidelines to share with your clients:
    • HW fire prevention quick tips: Here are five steps to take to prevent HW fires
    • Comprehensive HW guidelines: Here are detailed procedures proven to work to prevent HW fires
  • Contractor equipment security: In the world of contractors’ equipment, theft is a major threat to your bottom line. Help your clients protect equipment against major loss and theft. 
    • Equipment security quick tips: Here are five steps to take to prevent equipment theft.
  • Sprinkler system requirements: Given the type of large fire claims we’ve seen, it’s now a requirement that customers have a centrally-monitored station for all sprinkler-protected facilities, as well as maintain a well-documented sprinkler system maintenance program. Our large loss reviews exposed that a number of sprinkler systems were either being shut off or not adequately maintained, resulting in more extensive damage. 


RSA's Risk Control Services

The consultants in RSA’s risk control services team are specially qualified and trained to assist our underwriters so they can accurately assess your client’s risk and are confident to write the business. Just as importantly, their contribution underscores the value we can bring as a team to your client going forward.

By ensuring that your clients have the right type and amount of insurance, and by taking a disciplined approach to risk assessment and prevention, we are able to mitigate any risks that might occur.

Our highly specialized risk control team is organized to support the following products. View our brochure  for more information.


Construction projects require a review of the physical and operational hazards facing your client, the project and the client’s suppliers, contractors and equipment. Our risk control engineers and consultants are experts in the field and “speak the same language” as your construction clients. They can identify risks, recognize the perils and make mitigation recommendations. 


One of the riskiest activities for any employee is operating a motor vehicle. Unsafe practices can lead to collisions, which can cause loss of life, serious injury and significant economic repercussions. We are an ally in reducing this exposure. We can improve your client’s fleet operations by implementing programs such as fleet safety management, driver safety, vehicle safety, vehicle and cargo security and incident management. Taking a proactive and methodical approach can reduce collision frequency and, ultimately, lower insurance costs.


Our risk control consultants can assess and analyze your client’s liability risks associated with premises, products and environment. Our depth of experience allows us to analyze loss trends and develop focused risk control programs. If a program exists, we can review it with an eye to improvement and can provide support or training as required. We are also able to draw on proprietary resources such as inspection reports, snow/ice response logs and other documents, which can be customized for your clients.


Our risk control consultants will evaluate the needs of your client and recommend a course of action. Depending on the account size and complexity, it may include a detailed on-site survey or a customized service plan complete with a benchmarking system. Our consultants across Canada provide ongoing hazard analysis of the client’s property through on-site visits. We typically assess and analyze property risks associated with the following:

  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Natural hazards
  • Burglary
  • Machinery maintenance
  • New building/significant addition construction
  • Best practices in risk control
  • Risk improvement reports
  • Business interruption
  • Post-loss surveys

As a major commercial property insurer, RSA has clients in most sectors of the Canadian economy.

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