Flood risk is growing. Our coverage is too.

Smiling man getting water splashed in his face.

The average cost of a flooded basement in an urban Canadian city can be upwards of $40,000, and many Canadians have been finding out—too late—that flooding is not covered by their Personal Insurance policies. That’s why RSA offers flexibility—so you can choose the appropriate coverage, specific to your needs. Our goal is to ensure your clients can have the confidence of knowing they’re covered, in the event of a loss.

As weather patterns continue to grow and change, coverage should too. That’s why we’ve recently expanded our water coverage with new enhancements, to provide your customers with further protection against weather-related events. We’ve also created a new, optional Water Service Line endorsement.

  • NEWWater Service Line Endorsement (21033) – Available for Homeowners, Rental and Seasonal dwellings, our new optional coverage can be purchased for $40, to provide protection if you experience a leak, break, tear, rupture or collapse of a water and/or sewer line connected to your home, rental or seasonal dwelling. Coverage is provided up to $15,000 and can be added on new business and renewal. To qualify for this endorsement, customers must have either Limited Sewer Back-up or Waterproof Coverage™. This endorsement is available on new business or renewals, upon request.
  • Enhanced Waterproof Coverage™ Endorsement (21030) – Coverage for flood now includes sudden and rapid melting of snow or ice. We’ve also updated our definitions, perils insured and exclusions to provide clarity on how coverage applies.
  • Enhanced Limited Sewer Back-up Endorsement (21029) – Coverage and exclusions have been updated to provide more clarity on when coverage applies including internal drains.

In addition, for customers with Waterproof Coverage™ or Limited Sewer Back-up Endorsement, loss prevention device coverage is now included up to $1,500. In the event of an insured loss, this coverage will allow for the installation of a device, such as a backwater valve, to prevent future losses.

Explore what is best for your client’s specific needs with our water coverage overview below.

A chart outlining the differences between limited sewer back-up and waterproof coverage.

Visit our Waterproof Coverage page for more details.