Canada Post Potential Strike

Canada Post Potential Strike

RSA Canada has been made aware by Canada Post of a potential service disruption that may take place as early as July 2, 2016. The union representing postal workers and Canada Post have been unable to reach an agreement on a new contract. If a deal can’t be agreed on, a work interruption is possible. RSA has been following this situation closely; here’s an update about the measures that have been put in place to minimize the effects that a potential strike would have on you and your customers.  

In the event of a strike, we will increase shipments made via Purolator and ICS courier. All policies and mail to brokers will continue via ICS courier as usual. Purolator has advised all customers to expect a 48 hour delay on all shipments due to the anticipated increase in volume. Personal and Commercial mail to insureds will be held effective June 28 until further notice, to decrease the risk of them being stuck in transit. 

Claim Submissions and Payments 

Please note that, to ensure your clients’ insurance policy remains in effect, they can continue to make regular scheduled premium payments through Pay My Bill or online banking, if available, or by credit card via phone at 1-800-366-0646. As you continue to receive mail through ICS or Purolator, please remind your clients of all upcoming withdrawals or notice of NSF. All cancellations for non-payments outside of the Quebec region, will be held off until further notice. 

PLEASE NOTE: Credit card information will not be accepted via email. This is an unsafe practice and we are required to immediately delete any email that contains payment information.

In the event that a Claims Emergency payment is required by your client, delivery arrangements can be made by our Claims Support staff.  If you have any questions regarding a claim, you can contact our claims department at 1-800-319-9993 or by e-mail at [email protected] and[email protected] (for Quebec only).

We encourage you to visit Bravo to retrieve pertinent information that may affect you and your clients in the midst of this potential situation. 

RSA Canada will continue to monitor the situation closely and is dedicated to delivering great service to our broker partners and customers across Canada.

If you have any questions please reach out to your Regional Account Manager or Underwriting Team.