Improving the client experience with ‘Real Time’

ORBiT Canada

Enabling efficiencies for our brokers is important to us, and something we have heavily invested in. We encourage brokers to take advantage of any functionality available to them to help make their work easier.

One process that has become more efficient in recent years is the ability to upload Personal Insurance policy information from broker systems or quoting tools to insurers in real-time. Despite the fact that RSA has built upload connectivity with most quoting tools and broker systems, many brokers still key-in information from scratch when creating a new policy with us, which is very inefficient.

ORBiT Canada is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the use of integration with insurers. They have created a short video on benefits of using Real Time technology. 

In this video, called “The Dollars and Sense behind the Journey to Real Time,” brokers’ share their thoughts on lost opportunities by not making use of this technology. 


If configuration issues have kept you from using this integration in the past, we encourage you to try again. In most cases these issues can be fixed in a matter of minutes, which is time well-spent when considering the cost of not using this functionality as part of your everyday process.

If you require assistance getting integration working for Personal Lines policies, our trainers are happy to help you. 

Please reach out to your regional contact: