Innovating at the Speed of Business

Tanya Eyram

“Refreshing Bravo was the first step in responding to brokers’ desire for improvement. Because it’s the first connection brokers have with RSA, it made sense to begin there.”

To say that Tanya Eyram, VP, Business Solutions and Innovations, Personal Insurance at RSA Canada is well acquainted with the evolution of the insurance industry is putting it mildly. Tanya has worked in the indusrty for over 20 years in various roles (most recently as the VP of Operations), Tanya now heads the Business Solutions and Innovations team at RSA Canada, leading the charge on optimizing the customer, broker and underwriter experience at RSA Canada.

As part of its mission, the Business Solutions and Innovations team recently announced a refresh of the Bravo broker portal. Tanya sat down to discuss these changes, and why delivering innovative tools and technologies is crucial to setting up our broker partners for success.

Q1: You’ve had a long career in insurance – what is it about the industry that’s made you stay for more than two decades?

A1: It’s an evolving industry. Whether it’s shifting customer demands, emerging trends, innovation and technology, disruptions within the broker channel; identifying unique challenges and working in collaboration with brokers to drive strategic solutions is what excites me.

Q2: Tell us a bit about your role at RSA Canada

A1: As the Business Solutions and Innovations team for Personal Insurance, our goal is to optimize the customer, broker and underwriter experience by delivering innovative and efficient tools and technologies. We translate business needs into technology innovations, to advance the delivery of strategic initiatives which will help drive efficiency and enhanced service. My role is to ensure that mission is effectively achieved, and that we’re setting ourselves – and our broker partners – up for success.

Q3: What is the Bravo refresh, and what are the key changes that have been made?

A1: Bravo is the landing page our brokers log in to every day, to access the tools they need to serve their customers. This includes policies, underwriting manuals and claims reports, as well as RSA news and bulletins. We initially launched the platform in 2004. Although the tools have been updated throughout the years, we felt the landing page needed a facelift. We also decided to improve the look and functionality of the platform overall, making it more modern and intuitive so as to provide a better user experience for our brokers.

Broker tools and information are now better organized, and easier to find. We’ve enhanced the RSA news section to ensure we’re sharing timely and relevant updates with our brokers. The landing page is now also offered in both English and French.

Q4: What prompted this refresh, and how does it align with RSA’s goal to make it easier for brokers to do business?

A4: We want our brokers to choose to do business with RSA, and our tools and technology are an important part of that value proposition. Through our feedback surveys, we receive extensive and valuable commentary from brokers, requesting a more seamless digital journey while in the portal.

Refreshing Bravo was the first step in responding to brokers’ desire for improvement. Because it’s the first connection brokers have with RSA, it made sense to begin there.

Next steps include updating the underlying tools and information pages that are linked to Bravo, which we’ve already started to do. One of the tools we recently improved is Web Business, a tool that supports new business and customer transactions for our Personal Insurance brokers. After listening to broker feedback, we’ve made updates to the error messaging, so brokers can better resolve issues with the flow of information. We have also improved the underwriting exceptions and filters to speed up the flow of transactions, and added automated population of data fields from TAM, PowerQuote and CompuQuote - all resulting in less work for the brokers.

Q5: What are your plans and top priorities for the business in 2017?

A5: We’ve done some great work recently with our enhanced Web Business tool and the Bravo page refresh. Our vision for the future is a significantly enhanced and intuitive broker portal for the Personal Insurance line. We’re looking to include functions such as quick-quote capability, automated underwriting, and a customized experience based on individual users. It’s ambitious, but we look forward to building better, more intuitive tools moving forward.