RSA hosts first LinkedIn webinar

LinkedIn Webinar

LinkedIn is the most B2B-centric of all social media platforms and is used by 91% of social media users. It is also considered the most effective in the sales cycle, which is why RSA decided to host a webinar on the topic.

Over 250 brokers participated in our LinkedIn webinar ‘Building Better Business for Your Individual Brand.’

The webinar was hosted by Diane Bégin, VP, Social Marketing and Brand Communications at APEX PR/ruckus Digital, who shared with brokers how they can leverage LinkedIn to increase their business results and build their brand.

Brokers also learned social media best practices and how to apply them to build an effective LinkedIn profile, as well as how to use them to develop a business brand on LinkedIn.

Miss the webinar? Not to worry,  we have made available a recording to the webinar and an infographic for you! 

Click here to access a recording to our LinkedIn webinar

Click here to access our LinkedIn Infographic

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