Steve Schmelzle – New Construction & Contracting Centre of Excellence Leader

Congratulations to Steve Schmelzle

We are excited to announce that Steve Schmelzle has been appointed into the newly created role of Construction and Contracting Centre of Excellence (COE) Leader, effective January 5, 2020. In this new leadership role, Steve will leverage his market knowledge and technical expertise to build a best-in-class Construction and Contracting (C&C) underwriting practice at RSA.

Steve will focus on establishing a national underwriting community dedicated to the C&C discipline by building a forum encompassing all regions within the CI division. He will leverage his expertise and experience to share best practices and identify areas where further training is needed. Most importantly, Steve will explore portfolio management opportunities within the C&C space while maintaining his closest broker relationships.

Steve joined RSA in 2006 after completing an insurance focus diploma through Mohawk College. Steve began as a TUA, and soon began working in the Ontario Region underwriting team with a focus and passion for construction and contracting. Steve is known as a technical expert, a talented trader, and a great collaborator with colleagues and brokers alike. 

We look forward to Steve’s new role and the positive influence and immediate impact it will have on our business. Congratulations Steve!