Customizing the Commercial Claims Experience


Every large, commercial and multinational business is different and has unique, specialized requirements for claims management. As such, it’s highly likely that these types of businesses will have claims to report, given their size and scope of operations. It is therefore a critical component of a risk manager’s job to ensure that their insurance carrier can not only handle large and complex claims, but do so in a way that meets the specific needs of the business.

At RSA, we recognize that each specialty customer has unique requirements for handling any claims that might occur. Some manage a portion of their own claims, while others work with a Third Party Administrator (TPA). Some even work directly with their insurer to handle all claims-related matters. In all the above scenarios, the customer needs to be reassured by their insurer that if a claim does occur, it is being handled in a way that will minimize the impact to their business and their reputation.

Building strength through collaboration

RSA’s strong track record for flexibility in our client service framework gives us the ability to customize a claims program in collaboration with our broker partners, which addresses the needs of each individual client in the large commercial space. Our broker partners tell us time and again that commercial customers seek flexibility and adaptability from their insurer; this feedback continues to inform how we evolve our customer proposition.

At RSA, developing a strong tripartite relationship between insurer, broker and customer is a key focus because we know that this level of collaboration is at the core of our Global Specialty Lines business. Our specialist claims teams have extensive experience dealing with large and complex claims, which ensures we have the right technical expertise on every claim. We offer a simple, responsive and consistent customer service approach so that if a claim does occur, our highly skilled and sophisticated claims staff can help settle it fairly and quickly.

Here for you: a dedicated point of contact

As part of our commitment to be more responsive to the needs of large, risk-managed companies, RSA has a dedicated Claims Relationship Manager. The person in this role acts as a single point of contact for customers on all matters related to claims. What does this mean for brokers? They can reassure clients that by having a point person within the RSA team, that they can get answers on any of their claims without having to connect with multiple parties within the organization. The dedicated claims contact has line of sight into all claims-related matters for the client, allowing this individual to troubleshoot solutions and coordinate a seamless response in a timely manner.

The Claims Relationship Manager maintains a close relationship with the customer, provides claims reporting, prompt responses and shares insights and claims trends amongst all of the different stakeholders in the claims process – customer, broker and any claims experts involved in the handling.

How it works: customizing the team

For each large account, RSA assembles a team consisting of people from the front line and senior leadership teams who have deep experience dealing with large and complex claims, in an effort to deliver the highest quality claims service driven by technical expertise. Customers can access and enlist the expertise of this team when it is needed through the Claims Relationship Manager, whether it is for advice on how to proceed in a situation that the customer hasn’t seen before, or just the chance to have another person to gut check actions to be taken. Customers can benefit from using our network of claims partners – including legal resources, loss adjusters and contractors – to assist in claims handling for anything that they may not already have access to.

For more information on RSA’s claims proposition, please contact Ryan Jones at [email protected].

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