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Is your business protected?

Safeguard against these top 3 concerns with an effective risk-management plan
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About 1 out of 4 businesses identify technology problems  as a trigger for  business disruption.*      About 3 out of 10 businesses have been affected by criminal activity.*   Severe weather in 2013 cost the Canadian insurance industry $3.2 billion in insured losses—the highest in Canadian history. 
Your broker can help you deal with the sudden loss of productivity with a risk-management plan that will help minimize the impact on your business. To help limit or negate the financial impact of a security breach, speak to your broker about a risk-mitigation strategy that includes protection against loss due to any fraudulent or dishonest acts. Our Climate Smart resource hub will  help you protect your business in extreme weather. Find out more  at          

What is a risk?

Risk, in insurance terms, is the possibility of a loss or other  adverse event that could interfere with your clients' business ability to operate, and for which an  insurance claim may be submitted.

What is risk management?

Good risk management doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming; it may be as uncomplicated as your client working  your to understand these three questions:

What can go wrong?

What will they do, both to prevent the harm from occurring and in response to the harm or loss?
If something happens, how will they pay for it?

Here to help

Your clients should work with their team of advisors— their insurance broker, lawyer and financial advisor—to create a risk-management plan that will protect their business in the event of a potential emergency.