Broker Education Programs

Broker Education Programs

Education & Training

RSA supports the broker channel by investing in strategic and meaningful ways that will drive our businesses forward together. The education and training opportunities we provide are an important part of our commitment.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the many different education and training opportunities we offer to our broker network, so that you can enjoy the full benefits.

Our flagship Making Partner program with Queen’s University is an in-depth, one-week leadership development course that offers strategic planning, mentoring, and practical skills that empower you to grow your business. Read more

Wise Up™ is our new continuing education platform for brokers. With Wise Up™, we’ve made it easy and convenient for you to complete your CE requirements—all you need to complete the courses is a BRAVO ID and an internet connection. Read more

RSA’s CI Boot Camp gets you ready to make the jump from Personal Insurance to Small and Medium Enterprise Commercial Insurance. Check Wise Up™ for listings of upcoming sessions in a location near you or ask your regional account manager to find out more. Read more

Other training and education opportunities

For practical workshops on more specific topics, we host ongoing education programs and deeper technical training sessions. Check BRAVO for listings of upcoming sessions in a location near you.

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