Waterproof Coverage™

RSA’s new product combines sewer backup with flood coverage for Personal Insurance
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Nearly one in three Canadians don’t know what type of water coverage they have or need.


This means that, with water losses on the rise, many clients have been finding out—too late—that flooding is not covered by their insurance policies.

RSA’s water coverage has been a market leader to date. All along, our commitment to Hassle Free Claims® service has made us one of Canada’s leading insurers.  

But with new, complex water coverage emerging in our industry, and an increase in storm activity, it’s clear that clients need simplified, easy-to-understand coverage, as well as choice. Brokers have told us that they prefer to be able to provide options for their customers.

That’s why we developed Waterproof Coverage™. Based on broker feedback, our Waterproof Coverage™ endorsement makes life easier by offering your Personal Insurance clients the convenience of a clear, combined coverage option for sewer backup and overland flood. It’s a competitively priced option—one endorsement that is accessible and affordable for most policyholders.

Our new coverage is being launched in the following provinces*: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Prince Edward Island.

In addition, we provide flexibility to allow customers to maintain sewer backup coverage only.

Benefits at a glance

Type of Loss

Limited Sewer 



RSA Waterproof 



Sewer backup









Freshwater flooding
Not covered


Eaves, downspouts and drains
Not covered


Saltwater, tsunami, dam break, coastal flood
Not covered
Not covered

Bulk Changes

We are pleased to offer you the option to request bulk changes for customers in Zones 1 and 2. Requests must be received by January 29, 2016. If you request a bulk change for customers in Zones 1 and 2 by this date, we will read-in the Waterproof Coverage™, without additional premium charge until the customers' first renewal following the request. Bulk requests will not be available for any other water damage zones.

Read our full announcement regarding Bulk updates here.


Product Training 

We’ve developed a robust program of support for you to let your clients know about this valuable coverage, including overviews, discussion guides and webinars. 

Product overview for brokers

Use this handy reference sheet as an overview of Waterproof Coverage™.

Waterproof Coverage™ discussion guide for clients

Review talking points, useful facts and questions to ask your clients.


Product overview for clients

Share this overview of Waterproof Coverage™ to help clients understand what coverage they need.

Common questions from policyholders​

Get concise, clear answers to the most common questions that your clients will ask. 



View our archived webinar that explains how Waterproof Coverage™ works, how to communicate the coverage to your clients, and more! 

Consumer Education & Support

Looking for additiional tools to inform your clients about the importance of water protection? We've got you covered. 

Infographic - Stay Afloat

Floods have become a more frequent natural hazard in Canada. Share this infographic to help your clients learn how to best protect their property. 


Keep the water out!

Share this water-damage prevention tip sheet with your clients to make sure the water doesn’t get in in the first place—and avoid the inconvenience of damages and repairs.


Loss prevention checklist 

Share this useful checklist directly with your clients.


Ready for rain 

Carolyn Andreacchi, Director of Personal Insurance Underwriting at RSA Canada, provides expert advice on how much water coverage your clients need. Published in Canadian Insurance Top Broker magazine.


IBC video: sewer backwater valve—the last line of defence

The best way to minimize the potential for sewer backup in your basement is to install a sewer backwater valve.


Looking for more information about Climate Smart for your clients? 

Note: A water damage deductible applies if a client has any water-related loss covered under their policy. This deductible will apply in lieu of the policy deductible if any water-related loss occurs.

*Please note: Waterproof Coverage™ is not available in Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories. Also not available in certain extreme risk zones.

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