COVID-19: All Updates from RSA Canada


COVID-19: All Updates from RSA Canada

We Continue to Support You As We Enter This New Normal

A message from Martin Thompson, President & CEO of RSA Canada

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, RSA Canada has remained committed to working with our broker partners to ensure customers’ needs are met. Part of this was implementing a COVID-19 rate relief strategy to help alleviate the financial burden many customers faced. This resulted in an estimated $75 million in savings for personal and commercial insurance customers.

As Government restrictions ease and businesses across Canada implement reopening plans, we begin to enter a ‘new normal’. With many Canadians now returning to work and getting back on the roads, we know you are working with your customers to ensure their coverage reflects their changing needs.

With this in mind, we have updated our Personal Insurance customer relief measures to align with the gradual reopening of the Canadian Economy. As of October 1, 2020, various accommodations that have been put in place because of COVID-19 will no longer be effect and standard business practices will apply.

I sincerely thank you for both your patience and partnership as we both work through this quickly changing situation.

Martin Thompson, President & CEO, RSA Canada

Martin Thompson, President & CEO, RSA Canada


RSA understands the challenges many of you are facing with respect to physical office location accessibility. We strongly encourage you to utilize all of our digital assets for communication and transactions during this time of physical distancing.

Please visit our broker portal, BRAVO, for digital tools such as: 

  • WebBusiness: RSA’s Personal transaction portal to issue new business and to change or cancel existing policies in real time (please note, note available in Quebec)
  • RSA ClaimsPoint™: RSA’s on-line claims portal to submit first notice of loss for Personal and Commercial (exception of commercial fleet, commercial GL and Marine; please note, not available in Quebec) 
  • EZ docs: RSA’s digital solution to receive or retrieve your electronic copy of your client’s policy documents for Personal and Small Business.
  • RSA Pro tool: RSA’s online quote and bind tool for Small Business (Business & Professional Services, Contracting and Retail) 



We can confirm that our claims department continues to be fully up and running, leveraging technology to support new ways of working including:

RSA Claims Point™

Our online portal will speed up reporting and submission of the claim with pre-loaded policy information and we will be placing priority on portal submissions over fax and email submissions at this time.

The portal is available to all RSA Retail Brokers and policyholders with the exception of Commercial fleet, Commercial GL and Marine. the portal is also not available in Quebec. For all other claims you can call our claims teams at 1 800 319 9993 (for RSA and WA clients), 1 888 267 6766 (for CNS clients) and 1 800 873 2424 (for Quebec clients).

Moving Towards Digital Claims

To quickly evolve with the changes COVID-19 has brought us, we ask that any claims submitted by you or your customers are done through RSA Claims Point™. For more information visit our dedicated COVID-19 Claims page.


As we continue to experience mail delays due to the impacts of COVID-19, we ask that you continue to leverage electronic payment options where possible.

Direct Bill:

To avoid late payment and potential overdue notices, we ask that you encourage customers, where possible, to use our electronic payment methods when paying RSA directly.

Some alternatives for customers when making Direct Bill payment include:

Online Banking:

Similar to how a customer would pay other types of household bills, they can pay their premium online through their own bank’s website. To make a payment this way, customers simply need to select one of the following from the payee dropdown menu and include their policy number from their invoice:

  • RSA-Royal and Sun Alliance Company of Canada
  • Western Assurance Company
  • CNS-Canadian Northern Shield

Credit Card:

Credit card payments can be made through Pay My Bill or by calling the National Billing Team at 1-800-866-0646.

Pre-Authorized Credit Card Payment or Bank Account Withdrawal*:

Customer can eliminate the additional work of mailing a cheque by getting set up with pre-authorized debit or credit card payments. Please advise them to reach out to the National Billing Team to explore this option

*Some conditions apply. Please speak with our National Billing Team for direction.

Agency Bill:

To ensure that your payments are processed in a timely manner and reflected on your broker statement, please speak with our Agency Billing team about sending your payment by electronic funds transfer (EFT) rather than by cheque.

Please email [email protected] to explore this option.

Non-sufficient Funds Fees (NSF) 

As of October 1, 2020, customers who are not meeting their payment obligations will receive a cancellation notice. NSF and reinstatement fees have also been reinstated.

For more information, please contact our billing team at 1-800-366-0646.


RSA continues to comply with government directions to limit social interactions. Although we have started to conduct property inspections and appraisals, we are following COVID safety protocols and working with customers to utilize non-contact inspection options when needed.



At this time, we will continue to renew policies as business as usual. 


These requests will be addressed on a case-by-case basis; we are committed to a flexible and accommodating approach with respect to extensions or holding cover


Please keep in mind, each situation has a unique set of facts that must be considered in order to provide an accurate statement on the applicability of coverage. In order to properly assess coverage, the policy must be read in its entirety and all relevant terms, conditions and exclusions must be considered.

Please Note: This is intended as a guideline only and is intended to assist you with inquiries from your clients. Please reach out to your underwriter or claims representative for policy details.



To help answer further questions, we have put together “Frequently Asked Questions” documents for both brokers and customers.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – RSA Personal Insurance Broker FAQ
Coronavirus (COVID-19) – RSA Personal Insurance Customer FAQ

COVID-19 Tip Sheets

Maintaining idle vehicles: Follow these tips to protect your vehicle
Protecting yourself and your vehicle: Tips for new delivery drivers
Protecting unattended homes: Tips to keep your property safe during a lockdown


To help answer further questions, we have put together a “Frequently Asked Questions” document.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – RSA Commercial Insurance Broker FAQ
RSA's Virus, Disease and Pandemic Exclusion

COVID-19 Tip Sheets

Protecting commercial fleets: Tips for managing a business shutdown
Protecting idle property: Tips for managing a business shutdown
Protecting idle construction sites: Tips for managing a business shutdown
Effective equipment layup and restart: Tips for managing a shutdown


As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, it is important to understand how an interrupted supply chain can impact businesses. RSA Canada's Regional Director for Global Specialty Lines, Mark Wyatt, emphasizes the importance of reviewing business interruption coverage and ensuring a continuity plan is in place. Read more on our Expert Advice article on Insurance Business Canada.


COVID-19 and business insurance: How coverage is triggered


We will continue to make informed decisions based on the guidance and recommendations as laid out by the government and health authorities. Please continue to stay up-to-date with RSA Broker Bulletins as well as resources laid out by the Government and other industry leaders.

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