Changes to Claims Intake Process


Changes to Claims Intake Process

What’s changing?

  • In an effort to quickly evolve with the changes that COVID-19 has brought us, we will no longer be accepting Personal Insurance home and auto claims as well as those submitted by Facility Association via fax or email as of:
    • April 20, 2020 (Alberta, Atlantic, Ontario)
    • April 27, 2020 (British Columbia)
  • Any fax or email claims submitted after this date will not be entered into our claims queue
  • This excludes Commercial Insurance claims and claims submitted by Facility Association only brokers
  • The Hassle Free Claims guarantee will not apply for claims submitted via these methods after the shutdown dates mentioned above based on region
How are claims submitted after these dates?

There are a few ways you can now submit a claim after the shutdown in your region:

Claims Point®

  • RSA Claims Point® for brokers:  Our online claims submission portal for brokers, which can be accessed through BRAVO 
  • RSA Claims Point® for customers: Our online claims submission portal for customers, which can be accessed at
  • Telephone: Claims will still be accepted via telephone at 1 800 319 9993 (RSA) or 1 888 267 6766 (CNS)

Note: For the most efficient service, we recommend that you and/or your customers use Claims Point®.

What are the benefits of Claims Point®?

Claims Point® is our online claims submission portal. It offers you and your customers, simple and straightforward questions, intuitive navigation and automated status updates.

Using the portal helps us allocate our resources more effectively to better serve you and your clients.

Here are some of the portals key features:

  • Claim number assigned immediately
  • Adjuster automatically assigned the day a claim is submitted
  • Automated email updates when claims open and close
  • Quicker response times
How do I set up my Bravo?

If you need to obtain a BRAVO user ID, you have two options:

  1. Contact your broker administrator (the individual in your brokerage office who coordinates the BRAVO portal access).
  2. If you do not have a broker administrator, you can self-register by completing a form at Our team will then forward an authorization to your broker principal within three to five business days—once they approve it, you’re in!
Who do I contact if I need help?

For general questions, please contact your Regional Sales Manager (RSM).

For any questions related to BRAVO, please contact [email protected]