Wind and Hail

Every year, wind and hail cause millions of dollars of property damage, including broken windows, roofing tiles, siding and more. Help your customers prepare their property for these risks with our resources for wind and hail damage.

Wind & Hail Resources

Protect your home from hail

This guide from the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction shows your customers how they can assess their hail risk and how they can take steps to mitigate its potential damage.


Protecting your home and business

Download our wind and hail storm tip sheet to find out how you can protect your home and business from damage.


Wind Damage Prevention Tips

Help your customers protect their property from heavy winds and tropical storms:

1. Pick up items around the yard

2. Inspect trees for dead/diseased growth

3. Inspect roof for weaknesses

4. Check weather stripping on doors, windows

5. Prepare an emergency supply kit

6. Prepare for power outages

7. Review insurance coverage